Project done @ Lo Siento Studio
Art Direction, Brand Identity, Custom Typography

The challenge of this project was to create an identity that could be both traditional and modern for an Andalusian Bodega located in the heart of Barcelona.

Research began by exploring old Spanish Bodegas, observing that their typography often varied depending on the application. The typefaces used on the signage were different from those on the menus or business cards. This unintentionally resulted in the creation of several distinct logotypes for the same Bodega.

For Bodega Solera we want to praise this typographic disorder developing a custom typeface featuring a wide range of glyphs, drawing inspiration from the signage of these historic bodegas. 
By blending serif and sans-serif variants while maintaining coherence, is achieved a classic yet simultaneously fresh and appealing aesthetic.

Designed by Marco Rollo / Based in Barcelona, but always moving / Send me an e-mail  / Follow me on instagram /