Graphic Designer 
& Art Director. 
Based in Barcelona, Spain.  

My comfort zone is: Brand Identity, Typography, Lettering & Motion Graphic.
I speak fluently Italian & Spanish (with an Argentinian taste). 
Don’t trust this description because my English is basic (but still useful).

Previous Experience:

Fait (Design Agency in Lecce) - 2020
Flirt (Creative Agency in Barcelona) - 2021
Lo Siento (Design Studio in Barcelona) - 2022, 2023


Graduated with best grades in 2020 @ Politecnico di Milano (Communication Design)
Exchange in 2019 @ Univerisdad de Palermo, Buenos Aires (Graphic Design)
Master in 2021 @ Elisava, Barcelona (Visual Design).


Ready, Steady, Type! @ Tipo-G, with Bogidar Mascareñas and Ricard Garcia - 2023
General Intensive Calligraphy Course with Oriol Miró and Ivan Castro - 2022, 2023
Brushlettering Calligraphy Workshop with Luca Barcellona - 2019

Feel free to contact me for collaborations or for commissions:


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