Master Project done @ Elisava MDV21  with Martina Troya
Art Direction, Brand Identity

In a global context where we are lost in chasing the latest trends, it is necessary to unveil the negative consequences that technological advances bring in order to begin taking responsibility for them. 
We are all part of this problem, from those who produce electronic devices with toxic materials, the consumers who frequently change their devices, those who enable the illegal trafficking of electronic waste, to those who decide not to prioritize recycling.

World 404 is an activist platform that denounces the impact of electronic devices on the planet and advocates for a better relationship between technology and society. 
Through its primarily digital channels and printed editions, it provides clear and necessary information with the aim of initiating a movement to change the way we manufacture, consume, and dispose of technology

Designed by Marco Rollo / Based in Barcelona, but always moving / Send me an e-mail  / Follow me on instagram /